I was not happy with the situation

What a miserable morning it had been. I went to bed late because I was out celebrating with my spouse for her birthday. Then the next morning, super early in the morning, my spouse told myself and others there was a loud noise coming from the basement. I could easily hear the noise as soon as I woke up and it was pretty loud. I was worried that there might be a concern with the oil furnace, however luckyly that was not the case. The thing that was struggling and making all the loud noise was easily the sump pump. It turned out that the discharge hose that was outside of the apartment had frozen. The previous night, the un-even temperatures dropped someplace around drawback 15 degrees fahrenheit and someplace in that line there was frozen water. I tried digging up the line and seeing if I could get the ice to break, however I was unable to get to the clog. The actual clog was someplace between the wall and where the pipe came back up outside and I couldn’t get to it. I tried pouring hot hot water into the line which I thought would melt the ice, however it didn’t work. I even tried pouring alcohol in there, however that didn’t work either, and at the end of the morning, I ended up giving up. I am not sure what to do, I just was sick of being outside in the cold temps while I wanted to get to my work in my office with the ideal temperature control settings. I ended up using a different discharge hose and sending the water out of a window, for the time being.

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