It’s not an effective central heating and cooling system

I’m not honestly sure who was behind this, since I was not here when this beach house was built.

For reasons known to that person, all of the heating and AC vents are in the strangest positions in the house.

My thoughts are it just doesn’t make any sense to have an AC vent at the doorway of a room where it just blows out into the hallway. Surprisingly, that is how all of the AC and heating vents in my beach house are set up. I find this quite odd since the hallway ends up being the recipient of all the heating and AC from the air vents. As a result, my bedrooms end up being too chilly in the Wintertime and too sizzling in the Summer. It’s honestly a poor installation when it comes to the heating and cooling system in my beach house. It wasn’t honestly something that I saw instantly when I was looking to buy a beach house, and so I did not honestly bring it up with the realtor or an Heating and A/C supplier before I moved in. Now that I’ve been living here for three weeks, I’ve begun to notice that it’s quite concerning. The indoor air quality in the beach house is not exactly what it should be. Not only that, but I’m paying so much heating and cooling expenses. That’s because I have to keep the heating unit turned up in the bedrooms boiling during the long and frigid winter months.

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