My furnace is making so much noise that I can’t stand working from home right now

There is something going on with my furnace system.

For some reason, it’s been so loud for the past week that I can’t even get any work done when I’m at home.

This is definitely not a good thing, since I have been working from home for the past few months now. I have never had this kind of problem with my furnace before. It used to run very quietly and it would not be a distraction at all when I was trying to work. However, for the past week, every single time the heating system kicks on, it makes a weird roaring sound followed by a bunch of loud ticking noises that won’t stop for the entire time that the heating system is going through its cycle. If it wasn’t so cold outside, I think I would just turn the whole thing off and use an electric space heater instead. However, it’s been really cold for the past couple of weeks and the weather is really not cooperating. The temperature outside yesterday was only 19 degrees, and that’s pretty cold for around here! I know that I have to keep running my electric furnace so that the house will stay warm enough for me and the kids and the cat, but I just can’t stand this annoying ticking sound for very much longer. It’s not like I can take time off from my job until I get the furnace fixed. I don’t really know what to do. I guess today I will call up the local heating and cooling company and make an appointment for them to come out to look at the furnace. I can’t afford to lose my job over this!

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