Ann sent the web design lady an email with all her information

Ann had to endure some long commutes from her beach house on the north side to the company address for her Heating and A/C supplier which was on the east side.

  • Ann felt she was losing hours every day in the vehicle, plus she missed spending time with her kids.

She chose to search for a store anywhere close to the beach house that was within her budget. It took a while to find the best store, but when she finally did, Ann had to change the address and phone number on all of her advertising content. This included her business website. She contacted the web design people and sent the lady in charge a text with all of the new information. An hour later, the changes were online. Ann was pretty blissful with the choices that the designer made to match everything so well. She was so tied up looking at the new colors that she completely and totally missed the fact that the new company address wasn’t the right one. The phone number was wrong too. These two details went unrecognized the entire day. Ann did not have a single phone call the first day and grew concerned. She thought the phone was broken and her venture was rapidly going down the toilet. Ann phoned the digital advertising lady to find out what was going on and that’s when they saw that the phone number and address for the Heating and A/C supplier were incorrect. It was a small oversight which had a big blow to the first day of Ann’s online digital advertising campaign.
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