Getting the most from the HVAC unit this winter

So being an adult and a grown up can be tougher than it looks. And as a new homeowner, I’m learning that quite well. But that’s okay as well. There is nothing wrong with admitting where we can do better. And for sure, when you own your own home, you sort of have to get off your butt at times. That was never more true than this past fall as I was committed to making sure I lowered my HVAC heating costs this winter. Last winter was a nightmare. The HVAC equipment is new as it was replaced as part of the sale. So it was for sure not the fault of the HVAC equipment. It was totally on me really. I knew the house was an older house and could use some effort when it came to winter preparations. However, that first fall, I was far too in love with the idea of having my own place to actually make that sort of effort for the HVAC unit efficiency. But after paying what I did for HVAC heating last year, I was all about sealing up my house this past year. And really, it wasn’t nearly as time consuming or expensive as I wanted to believe it was. I spent less than a hundred bucks on insulation and weather stripping but I know that I’ll get far more than that in HVAC cost savings. Plus, there were about a million online videos as well so I could figure out what I was doing no problem. So far, so good as I’m saving at least 20 percent over what I spent last year on HVAC heating.

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