I found mobile testing sites

Have you gone to a city plus seen the mobile COVID-19 testing solutions? I have plus it is odd looking.

You can get a test from 1 of these locations to see if you have COVID plus some of them even offer the vaccine.

When I first saw them it was people in the street with chairs plus a folding table. Then they changed it to a tent… Now the modular COVID-19 testing facilities are a shipping container with all the gear. It seems much more professional plus more respected looking. You can just get your temperature taken or be quarantined off to get the vaccine. I see the benefits of doing a modular COVID-19 facility. You don’t have to wait in line as long plus there is no requirement to wait once you are finished with the shot. It is love a drive through for the shot. You get everything you need with tiny amounts of fuss plus amount of time. My partner plus I were shocked to see 1 on the street though. They are usually set up on a dead end with cones stopping traffic from coming in. Thankfully our partner plus I both have our vaccine shots. I have thought about stepping into 1 of them just to see what it is love inside. I could typically get serviced if I need a reason to be in there. I want to see what the inside of a shipping container looks like. From the outside it doesn’t look like much. I bet they can make it easily extravagant inside though.
Portable COVID-19 Testing Solutions