It's difficult to have a roommate

After I lost our job while in the quarantine, I had a difficult time finding something.

I used all of our savings to pay our rent, car payment, and gas bill.

I didn’t have a lot of currency left over for anything, so I had to find a roommate abruptly. One of our outdated co-workers named Jack offered to move into the minute bedroom in our house and share the rent 50/50. The guy was still living at home with his parents so it was a great transition to make, because he wasn’t going to be alone, however he was still sort of on his own. His mom and Dad paid the security deposit and more than one weeks rent when he moved into the apartment. I prefer Jack a lot, although I have absolutely noticed some behaviors that drive me crazy, but jack likes the indoor un-even temperatures much colder than me. I normally have the control device temperature set at 71 degrees. The afternoon Jack moved in, he made a comment about living in a steam room. I thought he was joking, but apparently he was telling the truth. Every afternoon when I wake up after Jack, I adjust the control device from 69° back up to 71 degrees. This has been going on for the past few weeks. I do not think all of the shifts in temperature are great for the control device or the air conditioner, although I do not want to fight with our modern roommate when the guy just moved in. The indoor temperature seems prefer such a trivial thing to argue about when one of us can put on a sweatshirt or put on a pair of shorts.


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