The floor cleansing machine was a big investment

It’s hard to be a person that rents, and it is especially hard to find a new lease for an apartment or condo.

This is due to the shortage of housing.

There are much higher rental rates now than a year ago and the inflation levels have really taken effect during the months of June and July. The two of us have seen increased rentals and it has been particularly difficult to find a location that will accept our dog plus cat. The two of us searched for a pet friendly lake house complex and discovered that our dog was 3 lb above they maximum weight limit. The two of us don’t have a huge dog, but our dog isn’t tiny either. When the two of us finally found a suitable apartment, the two of us signed a two-year lease on the condo and it was technically a bit out of the low-budget. The two of us ate noodles for multiple months until we found a second part-time job. The condo is incredibly large and our big family has lots of room to stretch out. The two of us feel it is important to protect the carpets & Flooring, because we are in a rental. The two of us invested in a Quality Floor plus carpet cleaning machine. The two of us could get miserable cleaning the carpet when there is a mess without a cleaner, but it is nice to have the carpet machine that gets rid of foul odors and dirt from the dog and cat walking in and out of the house. The two of us certainly don’t want to ruin the carpets by the time we move to a different place.


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