The furnace filter was covered with animal hair

One of our official buyers called the Heating & Air Conditioning service center on Thursday, because she did not have any heat in the cabin & she said there was a odd smell coming from the air duct.

  • When a buyer has a gas furnace, our first thought is consistently going to be a gas leak when a buyer says that they smell something strange.

All of us urged the buyer to get out of the cabin or call the fire department. She turned off the heating & a/c plan & the hot water heater. I arrived at the property a couple hours after the buyer advocated help with the furnace. I evaluated their plan & evaluated all of the official sites where complications occur. As soon as I unattachd the furnace air filter, I realized that’s where the smell was coming from. The furnace filter was covered with animal hair. I asked the lady if she had a animal & she told me that she was pet kneeling for a acquaintance while I was in the last many weeks. I showed the woman all of the animal hair that had accumulated on the furnace filter. She was horrified & disgusted, but it really wasn’t that bad. I have seen a lot worse in a number of homes & apartments. I recommended decreasing the furnace filter more frequently, because there was also a buildup of dust & other allergens on the air filter. I only charged a minimum service fee since there really wasn’t a problem that needed to be repaired. It’s consistently nice to build fantastic buyer relations with our official buyers.

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