The gym in our church was constantly chilly

I do not believe what the problem could be, however the gym at our church is literally cold all the time.

I’m not sure if there is something wrong with the actual heating system itself, or if it is the jam, or perhaps there is a problem with the thermostat unit… Every one of us just recently moved into a new church building, so having a gym was a completely new thing for us.

It could just be that both of us do not believe how to set up the thermostat program for such a sizable and open area of space. However, it makes it honestly difficult to use the gym whenever both of us need to because it’s constantly so cold in there while I was in the winter… Around here where both of us reside, the temperatures get down into the teens quite respectfully. And so as you can imagine, a huge and empty building with hardwood floors like a gym feels chilly cold on the inside. Every one of us needs to be able to use the gym for children’s activities as well as teen activities for the church, however it is very difficult to do that when it’s so cold inside all the time. I know we are gonna have to contact the commercial HVAC supplier as well as have them come in as well as check things out for the church gym. There has got to be something that both of us can do to make the heating system improve there. Even if both of us need to install a ductless mini chop or something like that to make this locale warmer, it’s got to be done. I know both of us just need to get some estimates as well as some expert advice.


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