Whole home heating plan that was in serious need of updatement

We were laying in the middle of the kitchen with tears in our eyup as the two of us stared at the gas fireplace.

If any guy walked in and found numerous grown adults crying staring at the fire, they would have thought that the two of us had received some devastating news.

But no, they were tears of joy. We had made a promise to each other back when the two of us lived in foster care that the two of us would one morning own our own house. We never had a place the two of us could call home. We were well aware of how long a night could be living in a home without any form of whole-house gas furnace. In the orphanage where the two of us lived for most of our lives, the boiler installation always seemed to have a problem, but for most months, it did not labor always. The Heating and A/C repairman was forever dealing with one problem or the other. If it was not in the air duct, it was the gas gas furnace. There was barely enough currency for food, so some things such as the gas furnace/heater installation and duct cleaning were the last things on the mile-long list. If one saw the home services truck, you knew something deathly dire had gone wrong. Washing the washable filter and sealing any opening on the Heating and A/C duct were mainly carried out by the older children. Following the energy-saving help, tips were a survival tactic. Every once in a while, the local heating provider would offer free services. I still remember when the heating corp and some well-wishers contributed enough currency to get us a modern Heating and A/C. That was the warmest Winter any of us had experienced.
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