It’s getting air conditioning weather again

Okay, so we’ve endured the initial wave of yellow and the leaves are turning that perfect sort of green that means spring.

There is hoop on the TV and the air conditioning is actually kicking on a bit.

I’m always a bit surprised when the HVAC cooling clicks on for the first few times in spring. That’s mostly because where I live, that’s mid March. So now’s the time of year when the air conditioning is just getting tuned up. Because let me tell you, by early June, it’s a steamer around here. The level of heat and humidity during the summer requires HVAC cooling night and day to manage. I’m a native of this region so I sort of have a good rhythm when it comes to the heat and heat season. But it never hurts to get a jump on the prep. I start with a phone call to the HVAC company. They come out to do the air conditioning tune-up early each spring. With the heat pump running so much, it’s imperative that I make sure that it’s running optimally. HVAC maintenance does that. The air conditioning tune-up prepares the heat pump for the coming load for sure. But it’s also helping the HVAC equipment run at its most efficient as well. That’s big time when you consider the costs that go into air conditioning a home in this region. From there, it’s all about the house and making sure there is consistent thermostat discipline throughout the heat season. Hard to believe but now is the time to get on with it as spring is sprung.