Getting rid of my TV

I have found myself wasting a lot of time recently and I never realized it until I took a step back and noticed that I was wasting hours of my life on the TV.

I was a guy that was soon as he would come home from doing anything we’ll just sit there for hours and hours watching TV.

I hate to admit it but I also believed in almost everything I heard on TV and I feel ashamed for being so gullible. I just didn’t see the point anymore of wasting all this time watching TV and I could be doing something I enjoy. This change in me all started when my community was having some skill classes that you could take and I decided to try something different and so I took a class where you can learn some important skills that might help you. One of those skills they were teaching was how to care for your heating and AC system and how you could take care of it without having to call an HVAC technician. Of course this class did not teach you how to become a heating and cooling professional, but give you the skills you need if your heater or air conditioning system have a minor problem you can fix it yourself instead of having the call the heat and AC professional. I found that I really enjoyed repairing heating and cooling systems and after I continued to get outside for a while I couldn’t imagine going back inside and wasting my life watching TV for hours. I decided to take the trade play and made the big decision to go to HVAC school to turn my now passion into a career.


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