The AC in our room quit working, but the hotel gave us money for a portable AC unit

My wife and I were really excited when we planned a vacation overseas.

We booked a hotel for a reasonable price.

The sad thing was that on the second day of our stay, the cooling system quit working in our room. We asked if we could get another room but unfortunately there were no rooms available. The staff were accommodating though, they gave us money to purchase a portable AC unit and brought us a stationary fan to use. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but we did find a nice portable AC unit at a local HVAC supplier and it worked well enough to keep us comfortable in our room, which I wasn’t expecting. We went around to see all sorts of beautiful places and we had such a wonderful time. I especially appreciated going to some of the local eateries in the town we were staying at, they had some very interesting cuisines that were absolutely delicious. Given, there were some things my wife tried that I didn’t care for. She loves seafood and I don’t, so whenever she offered me anything, I had to say no. She loves to tease me like that from time to time. I was just happy that every place we went to had awesome temperature control settings and good air quality. Most of these places we went to were better than a lot of the eateries back at home. We also were happy when the AC in our room was finally fixed and we no longer had to depend on the portable AC unit.


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