A better room

The last time I had to stay in a hotel while on company there was a concern with the central heating and air conditioner system.

Not in the entire hotel thankfully, but just the heating and cooling component that was in my room.

It seemed to not be working properly and kept turning on and off no matter what I did with the thermostat. So I had to report this to the front desk and have them supply myself and others another room all together. It was a challenge at first because they had to find another room as the hotel was pretty packed. But they finally were able to locate 1 on the other side of the building. This was a rather sizable hotel. A 4 star 1 too. It was just that my advantage had it that the central heating and air conditioner idea was not working right in the room they originally provided to me, however once I got to the new better room the central heating and air conditioner idea was working as properly as it should have been in the other room. I had no problems setting the thermostat. Everything worked right and when I turned on the heating or the air conditioner it stayed on. When I turned it off, it shut off. I was only at this hotel for a few days, but it was warm out so I for sure needed properly working air conditioner. The central air conditioner was superb at the hotel and I ended up having a superb stay once I got the new room.

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