I didn’t know a HVAC system could cause a fire

I read a pretty messed up news story in our local news the other day.

I was reading about this house in our space that completely burned down because of a short in the central heating and air conditioning system! I had never heard of such a thing happening nor did I believe it was even possible for a house to burn down from a short in a central heating and air conditioning system unit.

Thankfully no one was hurt or killed in the fire, but I feel absolutely awful for the family whose home it was! All because of a cheap central heating and air conditioning system with faulty wiring they lost their home. It made me absolutely think about the next central heat and cooling system unit I buy. I am due for a brand new central heating plus air conditioning system. After studying about that absolutely awful fire it woke me up to the fact that I absolutely need to make sure that the next central heat plus cooling system unit that I buy is going to be of the most top of the line and best build that would not even have a opportunity of a fault in the wiring causing a drastic fire that would burn our house down! This is the first plus foremost thing to look into before even thinking about the heating and air conditioning brand or even the SEER rating. I would rather have a low SEER rating central heating plus air conditioning system that was one hundred percent safe in terms of wiring than a SEER rating higher but having weak or faulty wiring.


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