It froze up

I work in an office building plus the other week we had a pretty bad snow storm, and as a result, the rooftop heating plus a/c that provides our heating froze up! This caused the central heating to fully stop working, then it got pretty chilly in there at work… However, they were able to go plus get some portable space oil furnaces to keep us sizzling while they called the heating plus a/c company to request commercial emergency heat plus cooling system services for the rooftop heating plus cooling system, they sent out a few heating plus cooling specialists to the building to begin working on fixing the rooftop a/c plus heating system.

  • It took them many hours to unfreeze what had been frozen, plus they finally got the rooftop heating plus a/c back up plus running again just as we were all leaving for the afternoon.

I can only imagine what the bill was savor for a heating plus a/c company to repair a commercial rooftop heat plus cooling system system. I think I would never be able to afford such things whatever the price may have been, and but I was cheerful that when I came back to work the next afternoon the central heating was working good again. Because the portable space oil furnaces they put around the building only took the chill out. It was still pretty darn chilly in there plus I would have had a taxing time trying to work again under those temperature conditions, then rooftop heating plus a/cs are sure tricky!

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