There is no history

It genuinely is crazy when you think about this.

There genuinely is no history on who invented central heating and air conditioner. I was genuinely curious about this and I searched for hours on the internet looking for more information on who invented heating and air conditioner systems and there was no info. I tried looking everywhere possible. The most I was even able to find was that a warm water boiler was the oldest form of heating. But nothing about who invented it or even anything on how central air conditioner or even window air conditioner came about. I guess this is something that was never documented in history; No 1 genuinely knows which is why there is no information out there. I genuinely wanted to know because I am genuinely grateful for the invention of central heating and air conditioner. I am 1 of those people who rely on it to live and do not know what I would do separate from it, and from the time I was a kid to now being an adult, I do not think there was ever a time in my life that I did not have central heating or air conditioner around me; My parents lived in a time where gas furnaces were the heating and window air conditioner systems were the cooling, but even then, it was some form of heating and air conditioner. I genuinely am curious to find out the truth about this. Maybe someday I will find the answer and be genuinely excited when I do. But until then, I will just continue to wonder…who on earth invented central heating and air conditioner?



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