He chose to fix the faulty AC himself

Nick wasn’t sure how life would be now that his girlfriend was pregnant.

They met 2 years ago and were having so much fun together.

However, while enjoying time in another city, one drunken night, they forgot to use protection. A month later, Nick’s girlfriend came with the news that she was pregnant. At first, he was in shock, but he stepped up. His dad always said the mark of a true man was in how he handled his responsibilities. Nick asked his girlfriend to move in with him since he has a 3-bedroom house. At first, she was unsure because she feared this would mess up their relationship. Nick’s girlfriend seemed distraught and even suggested they break up, but he assured her that things were now good between them. As they expect the baby, Nick has been improving the house. The other day, he had an issue with the AC in the house. It’s summer, and the cooling system has been working well to keep them cool. However, one afternoon, his girlfriend returned home and noticed the AC wasn’t working. She phoned Nick to let him know. Nick tried to reach his area AC expert, but his phone was engaged. He got home about 3 hours later, tried to call again, but there was no answer. Instead of waiting, Nick decided to fix the AC unit since he has some experience with cooling and heating systems. He knew it would be hard for his pregnant girlfriend to sleep at night without the AC working. It took Nick about 45 minutes to inspect the AC unit, find the fault and fix it.

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