The HVAC professional was quite young

My parents have lived in the same area in the same house for 30 years. They bought the house when I was 5, and my brother was 3. We grew up there and had so many fond memories of this amazing place. However, there has been so much development in the area causing many people to move there. The once quiet and sleepy neighborhood is full of traffic and busy people walking about. Two years ago, my parents opted to sell the family home and move to a more rural location. This would be an escape from the city to the countryside where there were walkways and fewer cars. They managed to find a house near a market town and bought it. After moving in, they had to figure out a few things, including the furnace system. Winter was right around the corner, so ensuring the heating system would work throughout was crucial. Mom and dad found this HVAC company that serves their area online and gave them a call. A young lady took down their details and said they’d send an HVAC professional to the house. Three hours later, there was a knock at their door, and a young HVAC professional introduced himself. He seemed younger than 25 but assured them he was qualified for the job. Once winter came, my parents agreed that despite the young age, the HVAC professional was really good at his job. He had done an excellent job with furnace maintenance; my parents never had an issue with it all winter. They hoped the same HVAC professional would return to their home in spring to service the AC unit before summer.

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