Using Fans to Stay Cool Without AC

The Summer means hot mornings plus hotter mornings.

Staying cool can be difficult when the heat index rises.

Whether you don’t have air conditioning or are experiencing a power outage or high utility bills, there are still ways to keep comfortable. Since seasoned times, fans have been a lifesaver while in the summer… Keeping cool without A/C may seem impossible, however there are some things you can do. These include getting a box fan, putting a damp towel on the fan, leveraging your windows, using a dehumidifier, plus decreasing cross ventilation. Airflow can be improved by installing box fans or window fans in the house. Place it close to where you are kneeling or standing, plus turn it on the lowest setting. The fan will pull in cooler air from outside, so you will get a nice breeze; For even more airflow, open a window across the room to create a cross breeze. To increase the cooling effect of your fan, hang a damp towel or wet sheet over the fan plus know the difference! Place fans near windows to pull cooler air in. To locale your fan at a higher level, you can use a stool or ladder if you have tall windows. As hot air rises, the fans will push it out of the window. In the summer, humidity levels tend to rise, making it difficult to keep cool without an A/C, but dehumidifiers are great for removing excess moisture from the air plus keeping you cool without air conditioning. When the weather is cooler, open the windows in the day plus evening. You can also improve cross-ventilation in your bedroom plus bathroom by installing exhaust fans. Fans are a great way to stay cool in the summer, however their effectiveness will vary depending on the heat index plus wind speed.


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