I could not believe all of us had graduated together.

Last week, I called the Heating & A/C company to have some work done on my air conditioner unit.

I still had cool air coming from the AC unit, despite the fact that I been hearing a few weird noises over the last three afternoons.

This time of year, it often took longer for an Heating & A/C contractor to arrive because of breakdowns that occur during heat waves. It surprised myself and others it took him less than a week to arrive at my house. When the Heating & A/C contractor arrived, I showed him to the air conditioner unit as well as offered him a glass of iced tea. It was so hot outside that I could not let him work with the daylight beating down on him as well as not having something cold to drink. He refused the iced tea, but he accepted a bottle of energy drink that I had in the fridge. I observed he kept looking into the kitchen window at myself and others as he took care of my air conditioner unit. I thought he looked familiar, despite the fact that I thought maybe he was someone my sibling graduated with, as well as my sibling was almost 10 years older than I was, you can’t imagine how shocked I was when he told myself and others his name as well as this time it clicked. I had graduated private school with this man, as well as yet he looked so much older. The daylight had weathered his skin as much as it weathered the air conditioner units he took care of. Before realizing who the Heating & A/C contractor was, I thought he was at least 50 years old. When I finally recognized him, I realized he was no older than I was, as well as I was only 32.


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