It was just another day of work.

When you are an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C serviceman, you come across some pretty odd situations.

  • I am going into stranger’s homes that would normally not allow a stranger into their home.

I am working on a/c units out in the middle of nowhere, as well as anything could happen. I care about my task, but every once in a while you come across a situation I am just not sure how to handle. Last week, I was called to do an emergency maintenance on an a/c unit. It was 93° out, with 100% humidity, as well as when I got the call, all I wanted to do was help these people out. When I got to the house, I knocked on the front door, but no 1 answered. I heard people in the backyard, so I headed back there. I no sooner got around the house as well as spied the a/c unit, but I also saw a guy kneeling on the lounger by the pool. Normally, this would not stage me, but the guy was totally nude. I looked away as well as asked if he was the guy who had called for emergency a/c repair? The guy had the decency to wrap his robe around himself before approaching me. I found the a/c unit, as well as all I needed was for him to tell myself and others what had happened? He said they were in the study room playing games to escape the heat when the a/c quit working. He walked to this chair, detachd his robe as well as laid back down. I worked as abruptly as I could to get the AC device repaired. When a coworker asked myself and others how the AC maintenance went, I said it was just another day of work.

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