Heating and Cooling are on My Mind This Afternoon

Why am I thinking about HVAC this afternoon? Well, because my central HVAC system went out a few days ago and it is sweltering hot out there and my house is even hotter.

The humidity in my house is 75% right now and it feels like a steam bath here.

I will have to contact the HVAC company on Monday as they are closed this week and weekend for renovation. It is the only local business which deals with AC and heat and I am sure they are really busy right now with the weather being as hot as it has been lately. I just want to get mine fixed so I can sleep at night again. I am going to get a flatmate for two months to help absorb the cost of getting my HVAC equipment fixed. I think I will get a flatmate next month but I need to make sure I find the right person for the job. There is a chance that the HVAC rep may need a place to stay for two months but I need to talk with him to see if he is still looking for a place. I’ve known him for years and we get along great so he would be the ideal roommate if it works out. I just need someone for a couple of months as I like to live on my own so I can have guests over without feeling like I am imposing on my roommate. It all works out in the end and I will go now to this local business and get a fresh loaf of bread.



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