I can't repair the cooling system

It’s entirely aggravating for myself and others as a heating and cooling worker not to be able to repair our own heating cooling system.

When I became a heating and AC worker, I figured that this was the end of the road.

I figured that I had l earned everything I would need to guess and then from then on out and the future when I had a problem with any kind of heating or cooling system I would automatically guess how to repair it. I would like to learn because this is not the case at all; Just because I had graduated as a heating and AC worker does not mean that I knew everything, however there are some things that I just did not guess and so when a problem with the heating and AC unit came up that I did not understand, I knew that I would have to call another Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C worker to come and repair our own cooling system! Not knowing how to repair our own heating in addition to air conditioning unit was really discouraging, however at least when I called the other hand and AC worker I was able to get it fixed once and for all.
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