My old coffee table was a perfect knock-off.

For the last five years, I’ve been showing off my coffee table as being an antique.

It was sold to me as being a shaker table.

The color was perfect for a shaker table. Everything about my coffee table screamed antique shaker table. When my brother came to my house, he asked where I picked up the knockoff. I asked him what he was talking about. He nodded toward my coffee table. He told me it might be an old coffee table, but it was the perfect knockoff for an antique shaker table. I was devastated. I argued with him and told him that the salesman who sold it to me assured me it was an antique shaker table. He told me he had signed papers making him the owner of the Empire State building and wanted to know if I wanted to buy it from him. After slapping him on the arm, I sat down and stared at my coffee table. I couldn’t believe I had been duped so badly as to think that it was an antique. Now that I looked at it, I realized there were screws holding the top of the coffee table to the legs. My brother saw how upset I was, and he patted my back. He told me that even though it was a knockoff of an antique, the coffee table was still really cool looking, and unless I paid a huge amount of money it was still worth something. I wanted to ask him what he considered a huge amount of money, but I was sure I paid more than what he was thinking.
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