Our brother is a realtor in the region

Having a real estate professional in the family was recently worth its weight in gold.

Our brothers are realtors in the region.

However, they weren’t realtors when we purchased this beach house. That was our first time buying a home and we were roped into inheriting the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. That wasn’t the only thing we had to deal with either. We thought we were getting a great price. But that was far from it. That was many years ago and it doesn’t matter now. However, it’s interesting how the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment sort of was the tipping point for selling our home. The first Heating & Air Conditioning unit that we inherited lasted about 5 years before we had to upgrade it with current residential Heating & Air Conditioning. While we wanted the best Heating & Air Conditioning equipment we could afford, we also wanted to be sure that it was working. We invested in Heating & Air Conditioning service which was key to the longevity of that Heating & Air Conditioning equipment we had in this house. But after 20 years of flawless, quality heating and cooling, the Heating & Air Conditioning unit was failing. That’s when our brothers proposed that since we were upgrading the Heating & Air Conditioning unit, we should do something with the kitchen and get it on the market. We followed their advice and were able to cash in at the peak of the prices in this region. Having the latest in residential Heating & Air Conditioning using top Heating & Air Conditioning technology sure didn’t hurt. In fact, we’re of the belief that the current Heating & Air Conditioning equipment and all the Heating plus Air Conditioning technology was a larger selling point than the newly re-done kitchen.


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