The new beekeeping hat is great

I have been toiling as a beekeeper for the past 5 years.

I actually work on a sizable farm that has millions plus millions of honey bees.

We produce commercial honey plus the people I was with and I also rent out the bees to farmers in the community. I think the task is both fun plus interesting. I also find it rewarding to care for the honey bees. The last time I had to round up the honey bees, they were temperamental plus I ended up getting stung numerous times. They got me right through my beekeeper’s hat. I decided it might be time for an update on my uniform. I went to an online retail website that sells products made for beekeepers plus their protection. I planned to buy a new hat, but I ended up getting a ventilated beekeeper jacket. The jacket has double Stitch pockets, brass zippers, plus a removable veil for storage plus straight-forward cleaning. The Beekeeper jacket was a bit more costly than a traditional hat, but I had a 10% off coupon from the retail website plus that helped defer some of the costs. I wear the beekeeper jacket anytime I have to round up the bees to go somewhere. It almost seems as though they can’t tell when they are going to be resituated, but any other time they seem delighted to go to their hives… When I am dressed for collection, they throw a fit. Honey bees are a legitimately interesting subset of creatures. They do not sting similar to hornets or yellow jackets plus the people I was with and I wouldn’t survive without them pollinating plants, vegetables, plus fruits. They actually give a substantial service to humans.