A Gas Fireplace in New Camper

My parents have constantly enjoyed camping.

It was an simple and affordable way for them to take our sister and I to new sites, so I don’t blame them for purchasing a camper when they did.

We’ve constantly been “camper people” and not “tent people”. There’s nothing wrong with camping in a tent, but it takes a lot more planning and it’s easily not as comfortable as sleeping in a camper. Recently, when our parents were searching for a new camper, they were undoubtedly unique about what they wanted. They wanted something with a bigger powder room and a bigger bed. They also wanted a more functional dining room space and a gas fireplace. A lot of the newer camper models include a fireplace and it was something that caught our parent’s attention. They wanted to camp during the Winter time weeks without relying actually on the electric oil furnace. When they finally bought a camper with an eclectic oil furnace, they were eager to show me how it worked. I was skeptical about the fireplace because I didn’t feel it would put off a lot of heat. I was shocked to find out that that small, gas, fireplace put out more heat than the camper could stand! At a single point, we had to open the door because it got too hot inside! Thankfully, the fireplace also had a flame setting, where the flame would run but the heat would not. My parents could still get the look of a fireplace without overheating the camper.


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