Airflow In Shed for Exercise

They each came with remotes which made it easy to turn them on and off.

When I decided to convert an old shed in the backyard into my own workout studio, I knew that I needed to not only clean it, but make it functionable. The cleaning took the longest. Not only did I have to get rid of everything that was inside, but I had to power wash the entire interior just to get all the dust off of the surfaces. I also decided to paint the walls and floor with a protective sealant that would keep the wood in good shape. Once that was done, I had to think about how I wanted to cool the space. There was electricity already running to the shed, which was great because it was one less thing I needed to think about. I contemplated on getting a ductless unit installed for air conditioning, but it seemed like an expensive overkill because the shed was so small. I also hardly needed AC because the temperature was always super moderate in the summer. Opening the windows and doors would more than likely bring in enough air for me while I exercised. I did want something though, so I decided to purchase two portable fans and I mounted them to the ceiling. They each came with remotes which made it easy to turn them on and off. The fans were affordable and an easy way to keep the shed cooled during the hotter days. Not once have I regretted my decision and I’m glad I didn’t invest in a ductless system. It would have definitely been too much.



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