It Made More Sense To Upgrade My AC System

I really thought that I’d be able to keep my air conditioning system forever.

  • It came with the house when I purchased it and although it wasn’t in the best shape, it ran and it kept my house cool during the summer.

My monthly utility bills were high, but they weren’t obscene either. When I thought about purchasing a new AC system, I would always talk myself out of it because the upfront cost was so much more expensive than simply paying my utility bill each month. This mindset was challenged when I had a good friend who was also an HVAC professional tell me that I could finance a new AC system. According to him, I could apply for a small loan through a recommended bank and receive a monthly payment plan to cover a brand new AC system. Most banks would offer me zero perfect interest for at least a year and if I could pay it off within that time period then it was a wise financial decision. The amount of money I was paying each month for my utility expenses was about the same as I could be paying monthly for a new AC system and it would cool my house much more efficiently. When he put it this way, it didn’t make sense for me to keep my old AC system. I needed to upgrade my AC System to something more efficient and long lasting and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I wouldn’t have known this had I not contacted my friend who is an HVAC professional.


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