It stays cold in our house

During the hot and humid summer, the people I was with and I keep it truly cold in our house.

I think that sometimes folks are surprised whenever they come into our home plus it feels as cold as a meat locker inside.

That’s just how Max and I are in our family, though. The two of us just truly enjoy the air conditioner running on high during the tepid summer time weeks. The weather around here gets super tepid during the humid summer. The temperatures are usually in the high 68s or high 90s for weeks at a time. Max and I also have a lot of humidity. The humidity makes everything damp plus irritated. I would be OK with the heat if it wasn’t for the humidity. Of course, the air conditioner in the house helps to get rid of all the dampness plus that is a single of the main reasons that Max and I enjoy using it so much. Even though the people I was with and I keep the air conditioner set around 65 degrees throughout the summer, sometimes the humidity still seeps in. 65 degrees is about as cold as Max can sit it in the home though. Whenever Max and I have corporation over, they are regularly saying how cold it is inside of the house. Max and I really started giving out jackets at the door for people who aren’t used to it, then my older sister is regularly complaining about the fact that it’s cold inside of our house. I told her that Max and I can rest outside plus visit instead of kneeling in the cold cold residing room, although my sister just laughs plus says to supply her a jacket. I’m just cheerful that Max and I have a high efficiency central air conditioner proposal that does not cost a advantage to keep it running all summer time long. If Max and I didn’t, that would be a massive issue. I think a lot of people have to spend money on high air conditioner bills, but Max and I are lucky that the people I was with and I don’t.

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