She wanted to be an interior designer.

My kid went to a career afternoon at the local university, plus they had a representation of nearly every career available, however she told me she was certain of what she wanted to do when she went to university.

She left me in the dark for a short time before she smiled plus said she wanted to be an interior designer! It surprised me she would choose something like interior designing.

She wasn’t truly good in being artsy, plus you needed a good eye with color plus design when you were an interior designer. I couldn’t imagine her coming up with colors plus fabrics that would offset each other to make a room apapple smaller or greater. I didn’t deter her decision plus tried to give her the incentive she needed to follow her dreams. She started design university right out of high university. I’m not sure what she expected, but it wasn’t what she was thinking. She had to take courses in art, woodworking, color, plus design. Shortly after the first year ended, she told me she was pretty sure she would not make a good interior design specialist; None of the colors she chose matched up plus when she tried to design a room, it looked like something out of a horror movie… We talked about how she needed to project her designs to suit the taste of her clients, plus not herself, but she had already given up. She was looking for an alternative career path to follow plus it had nothing to do with design,design or textures.

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