Finding love during an air conditioning service

The first time I saw him, I had gone to his house to replace his indoor air cleaning system.

  • From what I gathered through quick observation was that he lived alone.

While working, I asked him if his HVAC unit was giving him any trouble since I had heard certain noises coming from it. At first, Luke was hesitant, then he told me that the central air conditioning system had started misbehaving a few days ago, but he initially thought it was a simple mishap. An air conditioning service revealed that Luke would have to buy a new quality air conditioner sooner rather than later. It was the perfect opportunity to see him again, hoping he would choose my air conditioning business to handle the job. When he did, I led the team of air conditioning experts that dealt with the new air conditioning install. Luke was very friendly and respectful to us and agreed to keep up with the annual air conditioner tune-up required to maintain the system’s optimal function. After showing him how to operate the new cooling product, he requested that I return to the house a few months later to help him change the air filter and check if the system needed air conditioning repair. It was unlikely that Luke would need cooling tech, especially with a new HVAC unit, but duty called, and I had to respond. It was in the afternoon, and after a day’s work, I barely looked my best, but that didn’t bother me. I would not let my infatuation with him get in the way of my work. When he let me into the house, he told me he used that as an excuse to see me, and the rest, as they say, is history.
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