I was sure I had a concussion.

There is nothing worse than embarrassing yourself in a customer’s house.

Last week, I did more than embarrass myself.

I had to be taken from the house on a gurney. I was going into the basement, and I hit my head on the low beam before the owner had the chance to warn me. I hit so hard that it knocked me on my butt and I saw stars. I could hear voices, but I couldn’t focus on an individual. By the time I was able to focus even a small bit, I was in the hospital waking up in the emergency room. The homeowner’s wife was standing in the room next to my wife and wringing her hands. She asked me if I knew where I was, and I just looked from her to my wife. Why was this woman here? I was sure I had a concussion from hitting the low beam leading into their basement, but had I finished the repair on their furnace before I hit my head. I didn’t remember anything but falling down and waking up here in the hospital. My wife sat down on the bed beside me, which had the other woman upset. She told my wife I was going to get upset and moved her away. I reached out grabbed her hand and refused to let her go. The other woman said that I was injured when coming into her house to repair a furnace. She didn’t want to be blamed for any other health issues other than that, just because my wife thought she should. We both laughed and said it wasn’t her fault I hit my head. I should have been more careful when going into the basement to look at the furnace.
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