It only takes a few minutes to repair.

When the HVAC technician arrived last week, I told him what was going on with the furnace and asked how long it was going to take to do the repair.

He told me it would only take a few minutes, and I was happy.

He was at the house on time, and if it took him much more than an hour, I was going to be late for work. Since he said it wouldn’t take long, I didn’t call my boss and tell him I would be late, or possibly not coming in at all. After an hour had passed, I called my boss and said the HVAC technician was there, and I would be in when he finished repairing my furnace. After two hours, I wondered if I had called my boss prematurely. I was wondering if the HVAC technician was ever going to get my furnace repaired. It took him nearly four hours to do a furnace repair, he said would only take a few minutes. I had called my boss twice to say I would be late, and the third phone call was to tell him I wouldn’t be in at all that day. My boss was wondering if I really had the HVAC technician at the house, and I offered to bring in the repair bill to prove it to him. He apologized for not believing me, but i understood. I was upset that it took almost four hours to do a furnace repair and then he told me he would need to return the next day to complete the job.


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