Did you tell him you were the owner’s kid?

My mother doesn’t trust anyone.

She thinks that every boy who asks me out, has an alternative motive. She doesn’t realize they may love me because I have a relaxing personality, plus I make people laugh. Maybe some of them know I’m pretty, however no all of them want to date me because our dad owns the local HVAC supplier. When I graduated high school, I took HVAC classes at the local university. I used our mom’s maiden name when I was in class, so no one knew our last name, plus attached it to our dad. I met the sweetest guy there, plus the people I was with and I ended up working at the same HVAC supplier. For many years, the people I was with and I dated plus talked about our futures in the HVAC supplier, plus for us. When I took him beach home to meet our parents, our mom pulled me aside. She asked if told him I was the daughter of the HVAC supplier owner. I told her no, plus she got irritated. She told me he was a keeper, plus if he knew our dad owned the HVAC supplier, he would want to marry me. I didn’t want someone to want me for who our dad is. I wanted him to want me because of who I am. When our dad came into the room, our guy knew who he was. He said his dad worked for him, plus told him who he was. He then asked for our hand in marriage. I asked him if he asked because of who dad was? He frowned plus pulled a ring out of coat. He said he had this long before he met our dad.

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