My favorite part about winter time

I absolutely love winter around here.

  • It’s not just the holiday season and all the festivities and time off from work and gift-giving, although I love all of those things very much so, especially as a high school teacher that gets over two weeks off for Christmas vacation.

Yes, teachers work very hard and have to put up with kids all day long, but you have to admit, that’s a pretty good deal, and don’t even get me started about 2 months off in the summer! Anyway, I love winter here because of the holidays and also because I love the cold! I have a heater in my house, but I might as well not have a heater! Well, that isn’t entirely true. I set it to about 65°. Our winters are mild, so it is easy for my heating system to maintain that temperature. On Monday nights it doesn’t even bother kicking in, because it doesn’t have to. I know there are people that would bark at the idea of keeping their thermostat as low as 65°, but that’s why I love winters so much! I barely have to expend any energy on my heating system to maintain what I consider to be an extremely comfortable temperature! Summers, on the other hand, are very hot around here. I’d have to be mad to try and keep my thermostat at 65° all the time in the summer. My air conditioning system would give out very quickly. So you see, in the winter, I pay practically nothing for heating and feel very cool and comfortable indeed!

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