It was so alarming, that the heater guy was scared

I don’t guess how it got there, or even if it was there when all of us moved in, all I guess is that when the Heating & A/C specialist arrived to work on the air conditioner unit, all of us were both horrified at what he found… We were so scared that both of us laughed until all of us were holding our sides, then he said he had never seen the carcass of a dead rat before, & finding 1 inside the air conditioner component was so horrible that he screamed.

He apologized & said he had never screamed prefer that before.

I had never screamed prefer that before, either! Neither of us expected to see a dead rat, in or around the air conditioner unit, however he had to find out where it came from! I upset that some of the noise all of us heard in the HVAC duct was rats running inside it. I could not figure out how the rats could get in there, but the Heating & A/C specialist told myself and others it took a quarter sized hole for a rat to get in. He was going to look at the HVAC duct & see if there were any holes in the HVAC duct.He shook his head & said the rat wasn’t in the HVAC duct! Somehow, it had gotten into the air conditioner component itself. He didn’t believe the fins were giant enough for it to squeeze inside, however stranger things had happened. He got rid of the remains & tested the air conditioner unit. He said if all of us heard any more noises, all of us should call him & he would come out & do a complete inspection of the system.



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