Today i will work on my hot water boiler

So I was crying about how lonely I have been the past year, not dating one woman the entire time.

Does this mean that my dating years are over, or is it just that I need a break and am keeping myself alone on purpose? I’m only 55 years old, so in the big scheme of things I should still be in the dating pool.

I’m okay with being alone for a little bit, but I don’t want to be like my 67 year old aunt who has just given up entirely on dating ever again. She is an HVAC tech and basically just works on ductwork during the day and then goes home in the evening to babysit her niece. I don’t want to become jaded like she is because living alone the rest of my life just doesn’t sit well with me. I meet some women at the heating supplier shop where I work, but I mainly spend most of my time in the back of the place working on heating and cooling devices and programming wifi thermostats for customers. I am not going to meet anyone if I don’t change my attitude, so some heavy inner self work is in order for the next several months. Anyways, today I am heating and cooling my knees because I am having some pain in both of them from 40 years of playing beach volleyball. I am going to have to quit the sport I love though because I have pretty much killed all of the cartilage in both knees at this point.

a/c rep