Five o’clock the local business is open

I just got a sign for our band made today at a print shop and we will grab it before we head out to the church near the sea to play tonight.

The sign will tell people how to find our music online as we get a pretty big crowd sometimes and I think some of them would like to hear our music now and then.

I’m not trying to get as many followers as possible like some people, as there is no need to shove it down their throats if it is good music. The local business is printing the sign now and waiting for it to dry next to this small electric space heater in their shop. I just want to get our music out there a bit and let the universe take over from there. My friend owns a cooling supplier shop and he wants us to play there for the HVAC reps and workers one day. Tonight we will play for maybe two hours and pack it up, then we will head out again tomorrow to do the same. On Sunday the home services company in town is going to have a party for the heating and cooling technology customers and is going to pay us $250 to do a two hour show for them. Things are starting to fall into place with our music and we just need to keep focused and maintain course like we have been for the past couple of years. I can’t wait to get a new HVAC system for my flat once the money comes in.

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