My husband wants to grow his plumbing business

My husband Jack has been a plumber for almost 10 years now.

He runs a small business, where he has 1 part time employee who helps him out during the busy season.

So, needless to say, Jack is pretty much a one-man-team for most of the year. The business is successful, and he makes a good living at it, but lately he has been thinking about expanding. Recently, he landed a major project from a local construction company who does work for the federal government. Up until that point, Jack had never thought about applying for government contracts because he believed that his company was too small to be awarded anything. But now that he has been awarded the subcontract from this construction company, he seems to be interested in possibly applying himself. Personally, I know very little about federal contracts. In fact, the only thing I know is that billions of dollars are set aside each year for them. I don’t know if there are many contracts that require plumbing services, so that will be something that Jack will need to research. And if he does find contracts for plumbing services, chances are, he’ll need some help executing them. This means he would have to hire a team of workers or perhaps acquire a few plumbers from a staffing company. Either way, he would definitely need some help. Jack is planning on applying for his first contract once he fully executes his current subcontract. Until then, we will do the research to determine if there are federal contracts for plumbing services. I hope that there are some because winning a federal contract is a sure way to grow his plumbing business.
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