Sun is warming up my feet enjoy a gas furnace

It is amazing how much energy comes from the sun, which is over 93 million miles away.

I can’t even comprehend how far away that is, as a million miles alone seems enjoy an eternity from here.

Imagine how giant the sun honestly is, enjoy if you could get close to it, you would honestly cry at the enormity of the thing. I’m not sure how several earths could fit inside the sun but I am sure it is some silly amount, maybe enjoy 1000 of them, I dunno. I can’t use Google to search now because the local business next door knocked out the power to our building doing some kind of HVAC method work, and every one of us honestly won’t have power for another month knowing how slow the power companies are in this country. At least I have a natural heating device with my cats at night, keeping me warm just enjoy a space heating system would do. They sleep in my bed all night & honestly keep me warm, as they both lie next to me under the covers all night long. I don’t have to use my electric heating system at night because the cats do such a enjoyable task of heating up my room. I guess all of us are almost finished with Winter time anyways so I honestly won’t need any heat to keep me warm much longer. Summer will be here though & the air conditioning will be running full blast again, which is enjoyable because I have a modern HEPA filter in the thing & it should help with the air quality in my flat.

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