Dan controls the temperature control unit

It feels that in our life with our 2 parents, our stepdad Dan has control or say in everything.

It’s not entirely an immense deal obviously.

My mother is just glad with her life in general. I assume it’s because Dan does everything he can to make sure our lives are phenomenal in every way imaginable, however Dan has worked his butt off over the last few years & it has paid off. My mom always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom & take care of me while I was growing up & Dan worked 2 jobs to help make sure that happened. I assume I shouldn’t say Dan is controlling although he does want to see our mother glad at all costs. My stepdad doesn’t entirely care about his health or if he’s sleepy. He will find a way to succeed at all costs. These days Dan doesn’t have to labor 2 jobs so he gets to spend more time with us at home, which is an immense change before I turned 10. I barely saw the guy; Now that he’s in our lake apartment all the time he takes control of the tv, dinner options & the temperature control of the home. I’m not such an immense fan of him messing with the dial control device settings because he is never comfy. This absolutely makes me uncomfortable because a single minute I recognize the nice a/c & a few minutes later I recognize the gas furnace on full blast. I don’t assume if Dan is still trying to find comfort in our lake apartment although he is now messing with our livelihood. Regardless, I’m going to give Dan a bit of time although I hope he figures out it soon.

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