My old heater still works

And it looks like I actually can

I could not believe my eyes when I pulled out my old portable space heater and found out that it still actually works! This portable space heater is nothing like the kind of portable space heater you are thinking of. You could not walk into any store and buy a portable space heater like this today because they no longer exist. This is the portable space heater of the past. The very first kind that they had way back when. We are talking 40 and years ago! It was made of all metal and could literally only heat a small space like a bathroom or a portion of a room. Not like today’s portable space heaters which are made of heat resistant plastic and have so much power that they can heat an entire room within a matter of minutes. And sometimes they even get too hot! But this vintage portable space heater is way different than that. I decided to pull it out and see if it would work so I could use it in my bathroom like in the olden days when I was a kid growing up. And it looks like I actually can. This saves me a ton of money of having to invest in radiant heated floors like I was originally thinking of until I found this old portable space heater still working good as it did back when I was a kid. It kind of makes me wonder if these ancient portable space heaters are worth anything and if you can even buy them used on ebay or somewhere like that on the internet.

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