The car furnace stopped working

For this year I had planned a winter season road trip. I have consistently wanted to go skiing in the mountains. I had finally made my dreams come true. I saved up enough money to take a big trip to a chilly and snowy state to go sledding down some big hills. It’s also something I have consistently looked forward to and now it’s absolutely becoming a reality. I didn’t want to take a plane there because plane tickets were fairly lavish and I was looking to save money, so instead I decided that I was going to go and drive there. About half of the drive went as planned. I simply traveled there for multiple days and stopped at multiple rest stops along the way to go to the washroom, get some snacks, and even sleep. It was going well until on the 4th day traveling I started having problems with my car’s gas furnace. I also noticed that the heat started to get less and less and then it just stopped actually and no matter how much I tried to turn it back on it wouldn’t work. It didn’t take too long until the coldness from outside started sleeping into my once boiling car. I knew that in this state there was no way I was not going to be able to continue the trip so I would have to go and find a heating and A/C service shop. I looked for examples near me and I got lucky, I got lucky because I found 1 only a few miles from me and I drove over there. I left the heating and A/C specialist to fix my car here and I was thrilled when I was back on the road in only 45 minutes. They had all the parts and everything I needed all they had to do was swap out a few things. I paid the service fee and I was back on my way.

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