The dispensary with wonderful a/c was closed

Waking up early today made me sleepy.

It was a late night last night & I have to get motivated for labor now.

I entirely shouldn’t have watched that horror film last night, especially on a Sunday night. I am always sleepy on Mondays & today just feels much worse since I had less sleep now. I reached over for our vape pen & took a drag & it was totally empty. How perfect, absolutely not a wonderful start to our day. I assumed that I still had time for labor so I prepared myself to leave a bit early so that I can buy a current vape pen, then before I left I turned the control device up to seventy degrees for our roommate John. John prefers it to be a bit warm when he gets up. Which is so nice & he does not get up for another minute. The store is 3 blocks down the road, easily within walking distance. I don’t care about wasting gas if I assume I can make a walk in a few minutes. So I did the walk. When I arrived there was a sign on the door & it said, “closed until further notice.” What the hell? This is our locale to go to. They have the vape pens I require. I care deeply about this locale & every time I walked in I felt that wonderful a/c. I would sporadically on the weekends spend minutes there. Now it might be gone for good. This is a blow for sure. As I started to stroll away I saw the owner walking up to the shop & I asked what happened. He said, “no worries, mate, just shutting down for a couple of days until the current Heating & A/C system is fully installed.” I felt relieved although I assume I will have to hurry up & get to my lake apartment to rush to another store before labor now.

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