Back to the furnace filter cleaning

It was pretty insane but my muscles are still pretty sore from the crazy ball game I played two afternoons ago.

I anticipate that by tomorrow both my back and knees will feel considerably better.

In addition, I’ve been experiencing some elbow pain that seems to be tennis elbow from when I used to play tennis, and which may require a cortisone shot if it doesn’t go away on its own. Yesterday morning, I had a very difficult time rousing myself from sleep on my own, so I think a few good naps in the afternoon would be very beneficial. Fixing the furnace and air conditioner isn’t easy when you’re in so much pain, so I’ll have to cut back on my beach volleyball games and put in more hours at the furnace and air conditioning shop. Tomorrow night I have a gig with my band, and I need to be at my absolute best on the drums. My knees and lower back have been giving me trouble, so I guess I’ll be using the freezing laser I have for therapy this week. I plan on stopping by the new shop that opened nearby last month, where a local business sells excellent pain-relieving freezing gel. I plan on putting in an hour of work from home this afternoon and then soaking in the sea to relieve my aching muscles and joints. This weekend I have a lot of work to do cleaning out air ducts, and I can’t afford to be in pain while working on the HVAC system with my friend.


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