I avoided HVAC repair as long as possible

I know I shouldn’t have, because I was only digging myself in a deeper hole, but when my A/C machine broke down, instead of rushing out to get the heating and cooling device repaired, I instead waited as long as possible. I tried pretty much every method possible to avoid HVAC repair. I tried using fans and cold showers to endure the heat, and while that would work for some days, on the days when it was the hottest, there was no way anything else could compete with a central heating and air conditioning machine. I should have just accepted that, but instead I tried the crazy idea of repairing the heating and A/C device myself. I know, I should leave that up to a heating and A/C worker, but something told me I should give it a try. I took the A/C machine apart pretty easily, it was actually easier than I thought, it was everything else after that that was difficult. Something else that I didn’t know is that attempting HVAC repair without qualifications can actually be dangerous, but thankfully I didn’t get hurt. I couldn’t figure out how to repair the device, no matter what I tried, so I just had to give up and accept the fact that I couldn’t do this on my own. I called a HVAC worker, and I was afraid he would notice that I tampered with the cooling unit, but he didn’t say anything. The HVAC repair was expensive, but at least my A/C equipment is working again.

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