Moving central heating, ventilation and A/C units

That is entirely unusual

I toil for a moving corporation and my buddy and I are moving people every single afternoon of the week. Sporadically my favorite buddy and I even toil weekends if the job is big enough and pays well. I had one big moving job that was unlike any other the other week and it is something I hope I never have to deal with again, but my buddy and I had to transfer a bunch of central heating and air conditionings for a local heat and air conditioner contractor from one warehousehold to another, however let me tell you that moving central heating and air conditionings are nothing like moving someone’s house! This also had to have been the most energy draining and worst moving job I ever had! First off the central heating and air conditionings are so heavy that you need a dollie and 3 movers just to transfer one single heating and air conditioner unit. And they were uncountable in this warehouse. When I tell you that this was an over 12 hour toil afternoon I am not kidding. Also when it was all done I have to say that my back was genuinely hurting for the first time ever in all the years I have been moving stuff. That is entirely unusual. I am just not cut out for moving central heating and air conditioning units! The next time (if there is a next time) one of these jobs comes through I will have to opt out of it and miss out on the money. Because no amount of money is worth killing yourself over! And that’s what it would be if I had to transfer even 1 more single central heating and air conditioning.



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